The Ridge Rim Lip​

Most Wheels have Smooth Rim Lips and this is where most of the weight is in the wheel. Typical Race Wheels have plunged Rim lips which reduces the weight in the wheel. However, it can also weaken the wheel since so much material is removed. 

Our Racelite Series has the best of both worlds. We have designed the Rim Lip to have a Plunged Lip, with carefully thought out “Ridges” that carry up from the spokes that provide added strength while still being light weight.

The result is a lightweight, yet strong wheel.

Racelite Hubs

Lathed from a T6 6061 solid bar of Forged Aluminum. Then CNC machined to drop the excess weight.


On average these hubs shed 2 lbs off the weight of the wheel resulting in less centripetal force and better handling.


Sure-Fit design ensures a solid fitment on your year and style motorcycle.

Racelite Rotors

Laser cut! Yes. Laser cut. We first CNC machine every swift-lock lug into the stainless steel outer and then we laser the outer band of the rotor to take out all the weight. 


On average these rotors weigh 2 lbs less than your stock rotor. 


Available in 11.5″, 11.8″, and 13″

1pc Enforcer Rotor

Racelite rotors are now available for Enforcer large bolt pattern wheels. Made from 420 Stainless, these are double disc ground and are precision machined here in the US.


  • 6.7″ Bolt Circle
  • Sold Each
  • Available in 11.8″ and 13″

11.8″ FRONT
2008+ Touring w/spoke mounted wheels
2006-2017 Dyna w/rotor adapter
2015+ Softail w/rotor adapter
2014+ Sportster w/rotor adapter
2008+ V-Rod w/rotor adapter


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