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You’ve never seen wheels this level of quality.

attention to detail

After existing in the motorcycle industry for 15 years now, we understand what can set your bike apart and wheels play a huge roll in that. That’s why we spend countless hours designing our wheels to be different… It’s all in the details. The small things that none of our competitors care about.

racelite hubs

Hubs reinvented. The lightest weight hubs in the motorcycle industry.

No extra charge. For Select Motorcycles Only.


We set the bar in the M/C industry. Our Racelite line of products including our wheels, hubs, brakes, etc were the first to set a higher standard. Now the industry tries to follow but let’s not forget who did it first.



Become a part of the RYD Team. Build the bike you've been dreaming of whether it's a Dyna Stunt bike, Big Wheel Bagger or somewhere in between, we have created a wheel line to meet every need all in one.

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